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I enjoy teaching people of all levels, ages and conditions, building on what works for each individual. Using our breath to focus on alignment and postural awareness through yoga develops a better relationship with gravity and a more mindful pattern in daily life that serves our body and settles our hearts and minds.

​Growing up back East I was always a dancer, and trained seriously as an adult in the early 1970's in California; focused on modern movement. This work included several years as an Artist in Residence for the California Arts Council teaching movement and theater with young people as well as low income senior citizens. Yoga was included in those studies. By the mid 1980's I felt finished with dance and ran away to the film industry; yoga continued to be a part of my life. At 50 I explored yoga more seriously, from gym classes to Iyengar and other studios. In 2010, in celebration of my 60th birthday, I completed a 200hr teacher training. In 2011 I earned a certificate in the yoga therapy program at Loyola Marymount University and in 2012 completed a one year clinical internship at the Tensegrity Center For Yoga Therapy with Sherry Brourman in her yoga therapy/physical therapy practice. In 2014 I continued my studies with Sherry in a year long program to earn a certificate as a Gait Therapy Practitioner. The focus on Gait/walking brings a deeper utility to the posture and balance work in yoga by integrating the practice into everyday life habits.

Being in my 60ies inspires me and I'm seeking the vitality available through aging. Getting older isn't a cliff, it's just the next phase.​


Here's a 1981 article about the movement class I taught with senior citizens at the Franklin Community Center in Santa Barbara, CA
​ skillful and comfortable ways to be alive​
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